400 (Birkenhead) Squadron

Air Training Corps

Our NCO Team

The Squadron needs a team of dedicated individuals to run the Flights, lectures and ensure the smooth running of the Squadron under the guidance of the staff. This is where Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) help out.

Our most promising cadets who we feel can carry out additional duties and will benefit from new challenges can be promoted. As an NCO you have to be dedicated in what you do, attend parade nights regularly. An NCO should take part in as many of the activities as possible, even the ones you may not initially enjoy! This ensures every cadet is motivated and wants to participate.

Below are listed the NCOs on our squadron. 

NCO Ranks  

Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO) Promotion to Cadet Warrant Officer  is decided by a panel at Wing level.

 (Currently Vacant)


Flight Sergeant


Flight Sergeant (Flt Sgt) is the highest rank a Squadron CO can approve for a cadet. If a Squadron is split up into flights then a Flt Sgt will be the non-commissioned officer in command (SNCO i/c) of a flight.

 Flt Sgt Rahul Acharya


A Sergeant (Sgt) is a SNCO and a cadet is promoted to this position after he or she has reached the rank of Corporal. Appointment is made by Squadron CO and staff.

Sgts Matthew Burton, Jack Bridger


Corporal (Cpl) is the first NCO rank that a cadet can obtain. A Corporal is referred to as a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer (JNCO) and acts as a liaison between cadets and Senior NCOs (SNCO). Selection is on merit but also on potential, having achieved the appropriate classification.

 Cpls Rebecca Burton, Kat Jordan, William Morris and Rosie Baker



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