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Welcome to our new Civilian Committee web page!

We hope to use this page to provide both parents and cadets with information on what the Committee has been doing and what we have planned over the next 12 months.

From raising funds through bag packing activities through to arranging social events where cadets and parents alike can join together and have some fun, but at the same time raise invaluable funds to support the running of the squadron.


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Many of you may not fully understand who or what the civilian committee is and what they do to assist the Squadron.  Many also think being part of a committee is time consuming, and might think I haven’t got the time.


However, that’s where you would be wrong!  


Being part of a committee is not that time consuming; we meet every 6-8 weeks for an hour long meeting to discuss squadron finances and performance.  We also discuss ideas to make life easier for the staff and help enhance the experience of cadets.   Not all members attend every meeting, we all have busy lives and other priorities, but being part of the committees allows us to have an input into what goes on in the squadron.   At the end of the day it’s all about the cadets i.e. our children!   So the more parents on our committee the better and we desperately need more parents to be involved.


As you know the RAFAC is a voluntary charitable youth organisation under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Defence.   However not all activities our cadets do are financed by the MOD.  It is these activities together with equipment such as computers for training rooms through to outdoor activity equipment and much more that the Squadron needs the help of the civilian committee to raise the much needed funds.  Monies raised through this fund raising allows the cadets the opportunities to take part in a much wider range of other interesting and challenging activities.


So come along to one of our committee meetings to find out what we do.  You are under no commitment, but if you think being part of our committee is for you then please let us know.


Our next Committee Meeting will be at the

Squadron at 7pm


Wednesday, TBC




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